Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Wedding

Kendall and I got married November 16, 2007. We were married in the Salt Lake temple on a beautiful sunny November day, I can't believe the weather cooperated so well! We had a wonderful sealing ceremony with close family and friends joining us. We had a reception in my hometown of Riverton, UT that evening. Our colors were brown and orange, don't squeal just yet, they were beautiful colors for fall! We even got the men into brown tuxes and I wouldn't have changed a thing! My mom helped out so incredibly much with all the wedding plans and getting the reception to come together. We had a great cake buffet set up to serve from and lovely dim lighting to go with the brown satin table cloths and orange rose petals everywhere. I loved it! Also, my mom put together an awesome candy bar with custom made boxes and labels. I had a beautiful dress with a hint of gold and brown touches on it so it looked perfect. I did have to get in and out of it a few times that day and man was it a hassle! Thanks for putting up with me mom and grandma!

After our reception we started our honeymoon! We went to Zermatt Resort in Midway, UT and Park City, UT. We had a wonderful time relaxing and exploring the area, and well...just spending time together as Mr. and Mrs. Crane! After about five days of honeymoon bliss we were back to reality and headed to Menan, ID where Kendall's family lives (Basically all of his extended family as well!) for our open house that next weekend. It was great to see the family all again and my family came up as well. The Cranes/Pooles had everything all ready to go and set up for the open house. It was just as beautiful as our first!

Trip to Utah

The weekend before Memorial day we were able to finally make a long awaited trip down to visit my family in Utah. We had not been down to visit since before Christmas. It seems like 5 and a half hours is not that far but when it comes down to a weekend trip it is hard to find the time to get down there so I was glad we could make it. It was crazy how much all the kids had changed even since Christmas! Haley is now 14 and definitely a teenager. She is in eighth grade and has lots of friends to hang out with now. She is also kind enough to let us take over her bedroom when we visit. Thanks Hay! Austin is playing baseball currently while it is not football season. He is 13 now which I can't believe and he is turning into quite the gentleman. Seth is 9 and loves to talk! He always has all sorts of stories to tell so that is fun. He is also loving playing the Wii with Austin and I think they get lots of practice! Last but not least is Abby, who is 4 already. She is still as energetic as ever and the little princess of the house as always. She has cute curly hair and loves to wear dresses and lots of pink. It was great to hang out with the kids again. Mom and dad were good as well. Busy with work and teaching their church class. Mom pretty much runs around and caters to everyone's needs, not to mention taxi driver! I am sure she will be happy when Haley starts to drive in less than two years, yikes!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lets Try This Again

Alright, well I attempted this blogging thing a couple months ago but only got one post up and a few pictures. I still am trying to figure out how it all works so bare with me! For now I will fill you all in on our life as of now (since its already been 7 months and 10 days since we got hitched!). We moved to Boise, ID after we got married in November and so far we are loving it. I admit it took a while for me to get use to it, not to mention to like my new surroundings! It was hard to leave my family and my friends all behind, it all happened so fast! But now that I have embraced the change, I love my new life in Boise. I have a great job that I started at the end of January and have been able to meet great new people. Currently I am working as a medical receptionist at a physical therapy clinic. I work with all female therapists who are awesome and highly recommended around this area. I work for two great bosses (owners, wife is a therapist, husband is aspiring music producer) they definitely spoil their employees and keep it interesting around here!

Boise has great shopping and a lot of great places to dine out! Which is definitely something both Kendall and I love to do together. Another great thing about Boise is that one of my best friends (old roommate in college as well) and her new husband live here so it has been so great to get so close to them and hang out together. They also own a boat and have invited us into their world of boating this summer which has been a blast. (Except for my minor incident two weeks ago while tubing behind the boat. I cut the side of my mouth open and it was pretty colorful and sore for a while). What else can I say, well we live in a new townhouse community for the time being (renting only unfortunately). But, we do like it and it does feel like a little house most of the time (when the neighbors are not slamming their doors and running up and down their stairs!). I have enjoyed being able to decorate a place of my own and shop for new furniture (window shopping mostly :) ). Kendall and I are currently teaching the CTR 8 class in our ward, it is our newest adventure so far, and an adventure it has been! Who knew 7 and 8 year olds could be so....well behaved?? We only wish! I guess its a good form of birth control for now ( so says my husband)!

I don't want to forget to mention whats been going on for Kendall these days. He is currently a P4 (fourth year of the Pharmacy D. program at ISU) and is very excited to be out of the classroom. He finished class work in May and started his rotations at various places around the valley for the next year. He just today finished his first six week rotation at St. Luke's hospital where he mostly got to observe the inter workings of the hospital pharmacists, but he did get to sit in on some pretty cool surgeries! He will be doing a medicine rotation starting next week where he gets to go on rounds with the doctors as the pharmacist (as far as I know) and he is pretty excited about that.

Okay, well now that I have written a novel here, hopefully we are all caught up for the moment. I hope to start posting things regularly and to stay in better touch with my family and friends through this blog. So everyone feel free to leave comments and stay in touch with us!