Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Bad Day Blues

Ever had a bad day? I guess that is a pretty dumb question if you are lets say...a normal person! Hopefully it's not just me anyway. Sometimes you don't even know why it is such a bad day, it just seems its not your day. I also think they come in streaks...Mine is on day two. It is hard to be humble and think to myself that whatever kind of day I am having, it is probably not as bad as it could be, or as bad as someone else who is going through a rough time. Sometimes I just want to be selfish and wallow in my own self pity...who doesn't think "poor me" every once and a while right? Anyway, maybe I will try to actually think about why I am feelin' the "Blues." For one, the weather has gotten very COLD here and gloomy cold weather always gets to me. You know those days you are at work all day and look out the window to the blustery cold day and just want to be at home warm and cozy in your bed. Then there is the sudden realization that you don't feel as good about yourself as you did a year ago, or even a month ago! My bad day(s) also include the simple mundane things of life that just don't go right. For example, being at the checkout stand with definitely more than ONE thing and realizing you don't have your debit card with you (I never have cash on me, or even checks!) and you have to quietly say I guess I'll have to wait on this, while everyone in line is tapping their feet wondering what in the world is taking SO long! Then there is the realizing that the laundry has escaped me and I don't have anything to wear to work (or under the clothes!) when I am already running late. I can't forget the part when I stubbed my toe on my closet door, hard! Then to finish up the night forgetting to grease the muffin pan while making dinner, I am sure you all know how that turned out. Just helped me further realize, I am NOT a cook by any means. Back to the pity party part, hating my car cause it has so many problems (inside and out), including the fact that the heater doesn't warm up until I pull into the parking lot at work! Let's not even mention the defrost on that thing either!

Well for any of you who are actually even reading this sob story, I am sorry for the depressing pitiful attitude. Maybe I will try to end on a better note...
I am grateful for my family and friends, I love them all dearly. I am also grateful for the many blessing I do have in my life...even if at the time I am not focusing on them very well :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reba and Kelly!

Over the Weekend Kendall's parents made the trip over from Menan to visit us and take us to the Reba and Kelly concert! We had such a great time at the concert and even got to enjoy a little comedy as and opening act as well! Reba and Kelly were SO amazing together, I hope they come out with an album of their tour. It was great for Reba fans and Kelly fans alike! Scott and Cathie didn't know any of Kelly Clarkson's songs but still had a great time. Scott bought Cathie a Reba hoodie that she got to sport around all weekend; Lookin' good Cathie! Friday we went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and did a little bit of shopping for the upcoming birthday in the family. (Happy Birthday Heydan on the 19th!). The Cheesecake Factory was great, those of you who have been there know how good everything is! Though, I would suggest if you are an indecisive person (like ME) to allow PLENTY of time to look at the 20 page menu! Two pages alone committed to cheesecake alone! YUM!

Saturday we were able to just hang out and take our time getting ready. Of course finishing our leftover cheesecake pieces for breakfast! (I highly reccomend it!). We drove around Boise showing Mom and Dad where Kendall goes to school and other places around us. All in all we had a great weekend, so thanks Mom and Dad!! We appreciate all you do for us!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Wasting Time (another blog tag...that took entirely too long)

Here is a fun blog tag that I saw on one of my friend's blogs. I decided to do it for for Kendall and I...lets see how well I know my husband. Oh, and here is the other part of the game, you have to find your picture on the first page of results! Give it a try!


My First Name

City I was Born in

A Past Love

Favortie Animal
Favorite Object

Favorite City

Favorite Food

Favorite Color

One of My Bad Habbits

My First Job

My Future Job

Place I Would Like to Visit
My Age

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fun Pix

Okay so I found this site to "dress-up" your pictures and it is so much fun!

Check out this stud! Celebrity or what?!