Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Everything Fall

This is my favorite time of year, Fall! I just love pulling out the sweaters and coats, being able to walk outside and smell the crisp fall air. Also, fall means the holidays are just around the corner. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, all the best holidays of the whole year right in a row! I think my love of everything fall begins with my mother, she has always been big into the holidays this time of year. By big into holidays I mean, decorations EVERYWHERE! I would have to say Halloween is by far her favorite to decorate for. Last Halloween the young kids in the neighborhood cried all the way up to the door step with their parents dragging them by the wrist just to get the candy and force out the words trick or treat! I guess it had something to do with the fog machine, and freaky cackling witch and giant spiders and webs all over the porch. We were the family that had the Christmas tree out after Thanksgiving dinner! Maybe my love of everything fall also led to wanting to have a fall wedding.

All this talk about holidays makes me think about another subject, traditions! I am sure ever family has their own traditions especially around the holidays. It has been interesting being married for almost a year now and experiencing my new family's traditions. We haven't had the problem of blending them just yet, but I am sure that is yet to come.

To add to my love of the fall season, one of the best parts, all my favorite shows come back on! Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Gossip Girl and maybe I should stop there since I am already probably being judged! Haha, but I love them anyway!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tag You're It!

3 Favorite Last Purchases
1. Grey's Anatomy Season 4, Love Grey's!
2. Plane ticket to Oregon for my grandmother's wedding!
3. Decorations for our place. I love to decorate...only if I had a money tree!

3 Favorite Movies
1. Sweet Home Alabama (I LOVE Reese Witherspoon)
2. Baby Mama (So funny!)
3. Tarzan (I am a sap for Disney movies)

3 Things I Haven't Done Yet
1. Have a baby (Sometime in the hopefully near future)
2. Go to graduate school (Still want to, need to get my act together!)
3. Use my passport again (Somewhere, anywhere!)

3 Things I Cannot Live Without
1. Kendall Mark Crane
2. Definitely my cell phone (I don't know anyones numbers without it)
3. Mexican Food, yum!

3 Favorite Dishes
1. Basically anything Mexican. I love Costa Vida and Cafe Rio
2. Breakfast! Most anything breakfast related. Cereal use to be my downfall! I have tried to control that though :)
3. ...hmm not sure, ice cream I guess. I love the endless creations from Cold Stone!

3 Favorite TV Shows...
1. Greys Anatomy for sure!
2. Gossip Girl (It's so bad, I know)
3. Secret Life of An American Teenager

3 Last Places I Traveled...I so wish I had better answers to these
1. Oregon (Eugene, Springfield)
2. Menan, Idaho (population 707)
3. Salt Lake, UT

3 Favorite Deserts
1. Brownie and Ice Cream
2. Cheesecake!
3. hmmm...not sure what else. A nice warm cookie I guess?

3 Things I Would Buy if Money Weren't an Issue
1. A new car! SUV preferably
2. A European Vacation! Five Star syle!
3. A house

3 Wishes
1. That I had more self discipline and motivation for things I wanted to change.
2. That my family would always be safe and healthy. And that I will never loose my mother, or anyone one in my family!
3. That I could just get a new car. I hate my tin foil on wheels.

3 People I Tag...
1. Kati
2. Ariane
3. Janet
4. Laura
5. Megan
6. Shea
7. Lindsay
8. Anyone else who is interested! Thanks for the Tag Jacque!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

All Work and No Play

Here are some fun pictures with people I work with. We get together a lot outside of work. Partly because my boss Ben is a music producer and has a lot of his artist playing at various things around town. Also because, well we just like to get together! I love everyone I work with, they all have such wonderful personalities and I love getting to know them more and more! As you can tell, it is really all play and no work with us!

Boating Fun!

Here are a few more pictures of our boating adventures with the Nelsons! We had a great summer thanks to our wonderful friends. Kendall learned how to wakeboard this summer and is going Pro I think?!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend of Fun!

Holla, I am posting this from my blackberry! I didn't know I was this savy! Well, really I'm not but you have to admit its pretty cool. Well as the title says, Kendall and I had a great weekend! Friday night we went to the Sarah Evans concert in Nampa, I'd and we met up with the Nelsons who also had tickets. We were able to get great seats thanks to the Givens and their friends who got there earlier than us. So thank you! Sara put on a great show, I had forgotten how much I love her! We were able to go thanks to my boss Ben who gave me the extra tickets he had! Even Kendall had fun :). After the concert we met the Nelsons and our other friends the Bastians at Shari's for a late night dinner! We all had a blast and were the loudest ones in there I am sure.

Saturday we got to sleep in which was great. Who doesn't like sleeping in every once and a while? Then we decided to use our passes to the water park here, Roaring Springs, since it was the last weekend it would be open for the season. It ended up not being very crowded so we got to walk right onto everything! More than once. I must admit one of the slides we got to go on together was pretty SCARY! Kendall's face was priceless! Also I will have you all know kendall was like a kid in a candy store in the big wave pool! I don't know how many times we went in and out of there. It was great! I am glad we got to experience it. Don't worry our events for the weekend do not end there. Saturday night we went to the seasonal Halloween superstore here to take a look around. We were there for quite some time looking and trying on everything! We found some great stuff! Crazy, funny and outlandish even. We were looking for costumes we could be as a couple. I must say I came up with the idea and didn't think my wonderful hubby would take to it so well! But he has been looking eversince! Here are some ideas we have: pharoah and Cleopatra, scarecrow and Dorothy, or Mark Antony and some greek goddes or something for me. Any other ideas? We asked our primary kids last week and they gave us the pharoah idea, but they also suggested Jasmine and Aladin, or just me as some Disney princess. They all had some pretty good ideas.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Trip

For Labor Day weekend Kendall and I went down to Menan to visit the family and go to Trevan's flag football game. Even though it was a long weekend it seemed like a quick trip. Saturday morning we went to Trevan's football game and it was so much fun to sit and watch him play. Although, poor little brother Heydan was just trying to get in the game himself! Only a few more years Heydan! Now these are 5 and 6 year olds playing here so picture these little kids with these huge mouth guards in their mouths. The whole field was like a color show in between plays (and during!) with each kid popping his or her mouth guard out and playing with it. Neon green, yellow, pink, black etc... It was pretty funny to watch. I guess they are still just learning how to breath with them in! Trevan is a great little athlete though and we really enjoyed getting to see him play.

The rest of the weekend was mostly just much needed R and R. We sat around and watched TV a lot. Darn those Top Model marathons right Cathie! I did help cousin Brittany with her baby shower announcements. We had fun making cut-outs with the Cricut! Which by the way is one of the coolest things if you are into scrap booking and fun things like that! Like cousin Melissa and aunt Susie say, "It makes you a better wife and mother!" That will be my excuse to get on someday. I also got to drive Scott's Miata around a bit. That was great! Hey Scott, we will gladly take it off your hands so you can fit your new fast car in your garage soon!

All in all the weekend was pretty relaxing so that was nice. Spending time with my in-laws is always one of my favorite things! Hope to see you all soon!

The Name Game

So at work we have been talking a lot about baby names since one of my coworkers is about to become a grandma. Of course I love the topic of baby anything really! Last weekend Kendall and I found a book of baby names now and purused through it finding some pretty funny names. Naturally, I went back and bought it this week (hey, it was super cheap so why not!) and brought it to work so we could all have fun. We found a few good ones as a play on Karen's daughter's last name. So I thought I would have some fun myself! Let me know what you all think.

1. Ichabod Crane (fairytale)
2. Candi Crane (sounds like a...well you know)
3. Sugar Crane (are we from Hawaii?)
4. Jauquin Crane (walking cane?)
5. Africa Crane (Bird?)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two Families and a Wedding!

I recently got back from a trip to Oregon to visit with family. I flew out to be there for my grandma Shirley's (Lightheart, for my fellow Crane/Poole readers :)) wedding. She is now officially Shirley Lightheart-Perkins! Congratulations Jim and Shirley! I had a great time visiting everyone and being able to help with wedding preparations. Although, it brought back way to many memories of my own wedding planning not so long ago; some good some bad! I am sure you women out there can relate. It turned out great though, simple and beautiful. My lovely grandma wore a beautiful sage green dress and she looked absolutely radiant! Her colors were blue and sage green so my Aunt Janet and I went looking for some cute ribbon and flowers for her youngest girl, Emily, to make her look like the cutest flower girl ever! I do believe we succeeded. Wouldn't you say Jan? I had fun doing little Emily's hair. It's a good thing she is one of those rare two year olds who likes getting her hair done! She was precious! I love getting together and seeing all my family, especially when it has been so long. All my little cousins (and yes I can say little, I am the oldest still!) grow up so fast. The boys definitley passed me in height a long time ago.

Before visiting the Lighthearts and all the wedding festivities I was able to spend time with my other family, the Lightcap's. (No, there is no typo. Lightheart and Lightcap, crazy). I always love visiting my aunts and grandparents when I get the chance. My Aunt Pam (Big hair, you can't miss it) is great. We have always got along and she has always been a huge part of my life! She has recently become a grandmother herself! So I got to meet the little man, Sean. My cousin Mallory and her boyfriend Nick's little boy. He is about 7 months old and just a cute and sweet as can be. Baby hungry? Yes, I must admit I am. He is one of those rare really really good babies who just come out sleeping through the night and smiling all the time! I had a great time playing with Sean and all his fun baby food...have you been down the baby food aisle recently?! Well all in all I had a great time with all my family in Oregon and I miss them all already!