Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Short Sleeves in December...

Yes, can you believe it! Short sleeves in December! Well in Florida that is. We were able to take a little vacation the first week of December to the sunshine state. It was all for play for me, and a little work for Kendall. Kendall had a pharmacy conference to go to in Orlando for a couple of days to get a closer look at some residencies he is interested in. It was a great excuse for me to tag along! My best friend from my hometown, school, and even a previous roommate, lives in Orlando, FL with her husband so of course I wanted to see her! Kami and Kyle have lived there now for about three years so it has almost been that long since the last time we were able to see each other. It was just like old time for me though, I miss her tons! They have a cute little town house and a little Pomeranian named Oso who is just a little ball of energy. They were so gracious in letting us stay with them and just being such great hosts to us. Thanks guys! Oh and Oso I miss you too (can't say the same for Kendall though). :) On the first day we were there Kami and Kyle took us to Tampa, FL were Busch Gardens is located. We spent all day in the park and had a great time on all the crazy roller coasters!!

We also turned it into a Disney vacation since Kendall has never experienced Disney World. We did two full days of Disney parks and it was great. But I do have to start out by saying thank you to my parents who took me to Disneyland and Disney World when I was younger, I appreciate it now after seeing how much money is EASILY spent in Disney World! Thanks mom and dad and family! Kendall and I had a fun time seeing all the young kids (girls especially) that were just decked out in Disney and princess stuff (which by the way the princess dresses were like 70 dollars a pop!). We did have a great time in Disney World though despite all the money we had to spend. We went to the magic Kingdom, which was Kendall's favorite, and then the Hollywood Studios (previously MGM studios), and then to Epcot, which is my favorite!

We rented a car while we were there so we could get back an fourth to parks and the convention center for Kendall. It was both of our first experiences with renting a car on our own. It was such a pain! First of all we are both under 25 so we have to pay extra per day and also all the other coverages that come along with renting a car. Of course there is all the extra charges too and we did rent a GPS so we could actually find our way around (thank heavens we had that!), and that too was extra! But we did get a very cool car! It was a brand new Nissan Altima coupe and it was a great ride! Maybe that is because I have never driven a brand new car... just my somewhat reliable cavalier.
All in all we had a great vacation, it was so nice to get away to warmer weather for a bit and to be kids again for a few days.

There are more pictures to come!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Coming Soon...

Our adventures in Florida!

Kendall and I just got back from the Sunshine state, we had a great time! We are so busy lately that I don't even have time to blog about anything! By Januaray we will have been out of town for 5 weekends in a row! It is nice to be busy with fun things like family and vacation though, so no complaining here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ode to Twilight

A little obbsesion of mine...

I know I am not a 14 year old girl, but what can I say...a beautiful immortal vampire who will do anything for the one he loves...tell me you wouldn't fall for that! I love these books, I was a follower right from the beginning! I was not online planning my vacation to Forks, WA, but it was a popular topic of conversation for me all year. I even was able to get a few of my co-workers hooked on the books as well. We had great "work" conversations getting ready for the big movie to come out! Speaking of the movie...I admitt I saw is TWICE! It was definitley much better the second time. I was able to sit and enjoy it more instead of spending the whole movie comparing it the the amazing first book. I was skeptical about the actor that played Edward until I saw the movie, and I am still on team Edward! Bella and Edward were amazing in the film but it took me until the second movie to warm up to the rest of the cast. I have heard a lot of different opinions about all the characters from all my fellow fourteen year old at heart girlfriends. The most popular opinion was about Jacob, that he was not a young enough looking actor to play Jacob in the first movie. I didn't mind, I thought he was a perfect Jacob and you didn't get to see him much in this movie anyway (Sorry Jen, I know you were dissapointed about that :) ! But while we are talking about the characters here...can we discuss Robert Pattison's hair??!

The Hair

Robert Pattison was on Jay Leno the other night and looking pretty unkept if you ask me! With Hedi Klum even! She asked him if he works hard for that look or just rolls out of bed...that would inspire me to change my routine, I guess thats just me though!