Thursday, February 5, 2009

Food For Thought...

I feel a little monotonous in my life lately, and I have decided its not a good feeling. Most of the blame is my work I believe. I feel like I live there! I started working 4 tens a week, but after the first couple of months our group of three became two. So now its two of us doing the job of three and our boss thinks "it works this way." So now it has been about 9 months of between 40 and 50 hours a week (18 hrs overtime last pay period). Too much! Its been rough and doesn't help my personal life either. I guess its a good thing I didn't go to medical school! I don't know if I could handle crazy intern hours! I am just sick of finally getting home each day and not feeling like doing anything else. Some days I don't have time to do anything else when I get home after eight! So now back to the monotonous part, I do the same things day in and day out at work. I need something more challenging. I guess we'll see what the next year or two brings. For now I have to just figure out what I want it to bring!

Here is some more food for thought. I heard on the radio a few things to think about and I thought they were pretty interesting! If pizzas are round why do they come in square boxes? Why do we drive on parkways and park in driveways? Also, what kind of cheese is string cheese? It doesn't taste like mozzarella or American or even Swiss!


Krista & Tyler said...

I totally understand how you feel. Ty works just like you do and its not very fun, is it? I can't be upset when he comes home tired, yet I still want to see him because I've tried to finish all of my school work before he gets home...but being understanding is a work in progress-I have been there one too many times myself. The nice part is that this part of your life won't last forever :) I'm excited to not live in an apartment one day. In like 10 years. haha
Hope you're doing well!!

The Lighthearts said...

I feel your pain and frustration. I have days when I wake up not knowing what day it is(it takes me awhile to figure it out too) because the days all just sort of melt together. Sounds like you need another vacation. The weather here is Texas is beautiful this time of year. Hint Hint! :)