Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Short Getaway Weekend

Last weekend Kendall and I were able to take a little getaway trip to Portland, OR. It was nice to getaway to relax, shop, and well eat! A little work too, for Kendall anyway. Kendall had an interview at the VA hospital in Portland on Monday so we went for the weekend to check out the area and just have fun. Portland is a beautiful city, lots of green everywhere and I love all the bridges over the water!

While we were there we decided to stay right downtown rely on the public transportation. First I have to say that the Trimet system (Portland's public trans.) is awesome! We had almost no problems getting anywhere we wanted. We took the Max (light rail) from the airport to downtown and took a bus to right in front of our hotel! The buses were easy to navigate if you just got onto the trimet website and typed where you wanted to go and it would just tell you what number bus(es) to take.

On the other hand, it IS public transportation in one of the hippie capitols of the nation! So you can only imagine what kind of people you run into using trimet. Starting right off from the airport we saw a woman with a mustache and sideburns, a family of dreadlocks (children included), a man hopping on asking for spare change in exchange for candy, and much more. The next day we even ran into a guy rolling his own pot on the bus! That's right, its legal there! So I guess we had a little bit of a shock initiation of downtown metro life, but it was still a great experience!

The lobby of the very modern hotel we stayed in, cleverly named the Modera.

This is the room we stayed in, I loved the big comfy bed and the fur blanket!

Kendall standing in the sky walk in Pioneer Place mall downtown.

We went to the Japanese Gardens for some "peace and tranquility", it was very beautiful but it didn't have very much color since it is still winter.

Here is a close up on one of the sand gardens.

Trying to do a self picture, doesn't always work out, especially on stairs!


Kati Howard said...

First of all,I love your Valentines day cards. And I thought you brought up some good points on your "food for thought."

And second, I am SO jealous that you guys got to go to P-town. I love the city. It makes me homesick looking at the pictures.

Glad to hear your weekend was good. It was nice to see you guys at church.

Rach and Chad said...

did you know that i was only 45 minutes away from you!!?? I love portland or 'p-town' as i refer to it. Oh welcome to the NW, its funny cause that is what i was raised with, dreads, people smoking weed, lots of gay pride and rain:) see why byui was a huge shock to the system? :) I hope you guys get the job out here cause its awesome, and I have to say people round here might be crazy, but the wards are so strong, ours is one big family. and just think we could totally hang out together too!

Haley and Jon said...

Hey, I used to work across the street from the Modera(such a nice hotel, nice choice), and up on the hill by the VA hospital.
I don't think pot is legal for recreational use, just for "medical use". It is weird though. Glad you guys had fun. Portland is such a fun city.

Krista & Tyler said...

Ty (the husbando) served his mission there and went back in October, also for work, and LOVED it. You guys need to go to "Maltonoma Falls" which I put "" around because I can't spell it correctly. Apparently its breathtaking :)
And those ppl Rach is talking about? I got that with a little more gangster/Mafia where I grew up-I'm with Rach-BYUI, shocking. haha I love how happy you look Britt! Seriously, you're as beautiful as ever!!!

Jacque said...

The Gardens are incredible! Did you know I moved from Portland? It's so Lush and beautiful there!
I'm glad you liked it! Brought back some memories seeing the green!

Lindsay said...

What a beauiful hotel! Looks like you had a fun little getaway!

shelese said...

I know your post is older, but we just got back from Portland last week. It was so pretty, I love all of the hydrangeas growing around. Your pics are so cute!

Jacque said...

#1: It has almost been 10 months since your last post.
#2. How do you expect me to stay up-to-date with you and your hubby?
#3. What if you were like pregnant or something and almost about to have your baby and I was unable to gift you an adorable baby outfit?
#4. Remember that time in school, our junior year I think, we were in Honors English laughing about how obsessed we were with Abercrombie and Fitch? And how, your birthday was coming up and you said you saw a box from Abercrombie at your house? I said, "How big is it?" You said, "not very big..." I said, "Bet there's atleast 5 shirts in there." You said, "Five?!" I said, "Heck yeah. Those shirts can fold into the smallest things. I wouldn't be surprised if there were 5 in there."
>>Fast Forward after your birthday>>

"You were right! There were 5 shirts in there!!" you exclaimed

"Never second-guess the predictions of a Fitchaholic..." I said. it didn't exactly go that way, but I told my husband about it and he thought I was a nerd. I am, I know.

Anyway...I was just remembering that little moment. Haha
Thank you.
That is all.

Avrey &Cody Hendrix said...

how fun Britt! What a cute blog! So glad I found you!