Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sun Valley, ID

Kendall and I took our first trip to Sun Valley, ID in December. My work had a party there and put us up in the Sun Valley Lodge for the night as well. It was so much fun to visit a new place and to be surrounded by my co-workers (I actually love them all! hard to believe, right?). I believe Kendall even had a good time as well :) My boss was very generous and put us all up in very nice rooms and took us out to a place called the Sawtooth for dinner (nice restaraunt). We even hit up a few bars till all hours of the night! (and by all night I mean midnight, and all diet coke of course).

We got there early Saturday so we could walk the town a bit (in 5 degree weather!) and see what Sun Valley had to offer. Of course Candace and I found the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Co. first! Yummy!

From Sun Valley 2008

Here is a look down one of the main streets in Sun Valley area (Ketchum, ID)
If it looks cold to you, it was! One of those its so cold your nose hairs freeze!

From Sun Valley 2008

Kendall and I on a GIANT chair we found outside a wood carving shop! I love the red cowboy boots too.
From Sun Valley 2008
This is Candace, one of the PT's I work with. She is one of those rare amazing people that you meet who just love life and look for the opportunities it has to offer! She has an infectious smile and such a warm personality! I LOVE working with her and she is also a great friend to me!

From Sun Valley 2008
Candace and I at dinner!
From Sun Valley 2008
Kendall and I in the lobby of our hotel. They had beautiful Christmas trees everywhere.
From Sun Valley 2008

The view out one of the windows in our hotel room! Look how beautiful it is with all the snow!


Kati Howard said...

Looks like fun... well, the going out of town on your companies expense, not the whole being in 5* weather. :) Did I mention that I'm SSSoooOOO ready for spring to come already? Of course before you know it it will be 105* and I'll be praying for a snowy day in July. :)