Thursday, January 29, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Well, its coming up on Valentine's Day and while I have never really been a fan of the holiday it has still got me thinking more about my hubby. I just wanted to write about some of my favorite things about Kendall to let him know how much I love him.

1. He makes me laugh. (Even when I want to be angry at him)
2. His beautiful green eyes, and long eyelashes I might add too.
3. He has a great smile, especially when he his truly laughing!
4. He is very smart. (Too smart sometimes :) )
5. He is a hard worker.
6. He has high standards and morals. (I really respect him for that)
7. I love when he tries to warm his feet up on mine at night. (Even though they are usually like ice blocks!)
8. He has a great sense of style. (Maybe better than mine?)
9. He looks really good in his church/professional clothes. (My favorite!)
10. He loves kids! (Babies too, especially his nieces and nephews)
11. He makes "the face"!
12. He is such a thoughtful gift giver, really puts the effort into the perfect gifts!
13. He doesn't like to watch sports on TV. (Love that!!)
14. Sometimes he tries to pretend he is Italian...very funny.
15. He sticks to his goals, its very important to him. (An example to me in that manner)
16. I love when he holds my hand, anywhere.
17. He LOVES his family. (And so do I! They are so amazing, all of them!)
18. My little sister Abby loves him, its pretty cute actually! (I have to fight for him when we visit)
19. He is loyal.
20. He is creative. (More so than me even, I get a little jealous!)
21. Sometimes when I work late he makes dinner so its ready when I get home. (I love that!)
22. He eats my food (and says he likes it), I am not a good cook whatsoever!
23. He loves fruit roll-ups! I think its funny! :)
24. He scraped all the ice off my car one morning before I got up! It was so nice of him!

These are just a few of my favorite things. I just want him to know that I love him dearly! He means the world to me! I love you babe. xoxo


Jacque said...

AW! How sweet Brit! So, Is this a post that you're hoping he will see? You know, like sucking up? :) jk. You seem like such a great couple!

Kati Howard said...

I totally know what you mean about having a husband who has ice cold feet.... onyl I DON'T like it when he snuggles his feet against mine. Except for in the summer... and I know you're thinking "What in the Summer? How can his feet be ice cold in the SUMMER?" Well they are, and THEN it's great.

I love that he scraped all the ice off your car BEFORE you woke up!!

Krista & Tyler said...

Britt, I just love you. haha I'm so happy for you guys-you make me so happy!!!

Rach and Chad said...

sweet! sounds like a great guy,i never got to meet him when we were at school!